Vocal Performance Agreement

The seventh part of this 11-part series on basic music industry agreements focuses on live music activities. We`re going to focus on what an independent musician has in the beginning, as well as artists who are more advanced in their careers. We will discuss how this actually works in the trenches and how to navigate this impassable terrain to get the best results. I have a branding/PR agency called The Bloom Effect – we offer a large number of services including social media, both traditional and digital advertising, international consulting, event promotion, product launches and shopping artists for record companies and publishers. Our specialty is to frame international acts in the United States and give them a platform for their debut and performances. You are required to release and retain at all times SmallsLIVE and any licensee of SmallsLIVE from all claims, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses of third parties, including reasonable legal fees and attorneys` fees resulting from your breach of any warranty, insurance or agreement you have entered into. SmallsLIVE warrants and represents that SmallsLIVE is not subject to any impediment, restriction or prohibition, whether by contract or elsewhere, with respect to its right to enter into this Agreement and to satisfy any provision and provision of this Agreement; All of SmallsLIVE`s assurances and warranties are true and correct upon performance of this Agreement and remain in full force and effect for the long term. ASSIGNMENT AND RIGHT TO USE THE ARCHIVE: Your consent to this Agreement applies to all past, present or future data in which you have participated or will participate as a director or secondary musician in accordance with the conditions set out below. ARTIST RIGHTS: LEADER & SIDE MUSICIANS: Each appointment must have a designated leader (“Leader”), provided that, in the case of a collective group, each member can be appointed leader. Any musician who plays a date and is not a leader is considered a “Side Musician”. PERFORMANCE FEE: The Leader receives a performance fee for the appointment at the Smalls Jazz Club as part of a separate booking agreement. Copyright in Recordings: with the exception of SmallsLIVE`s right, subject to paragraph 2(g) below, to include the recording of each date in the archive, as set out above, the director of each date retains all rights, title and interest in each recording, including copyright in “the recording of sound” (as defined by copyright law) in the recording, and all extensions and extensions thereof; worldwide and for the entire term of copyright….

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