Validity Of Notary Agreement In India

And what will happen if the seller refuses to execute the deed of sale after the registration of the sales contract, i.e. “BYANA” with the notary, do I lose all the money and land? A notarized document helps verify that you are the one signing the document. The sole purpose of notarization of a document is therefore to prevent any document fraud and/or identity theft by preventing a person from producing a falsified document. A notarized letter, certified by a notary, also helps protect the rights of citizens who might otherwise be exploited, and many legal proceedings can be avoided if the document of a transaction is certified by a notary. The otarized purchase agreement is binding between the parties and you said that the certification has no legal value. ??? What is right? Sir/mam, I want to know that I have notary of a plot of land dating from 1985, it is a valid proof of the acquisition of the land or not. Thank you In India, a notary is made by a notary who acts as an impartial witness in setting up fraudulent deterrence activities related to legal documents. The Notary Act of 1952 governs the tasks of a notary. The certification, certification or certification of an instrument, translation and verification of this translation of legal documents from one language to another.

He may take an oath and witness the oath by insurance distributors under oath. A notary can also act as an arbitrator. When we discuss throughout the article what an authentic deed is and what a registration is, and why it is important to execute a deed of sale, we can say that an authentication is a simple formality to follow when executing a rental agreement. Notarial documents guarantee the legal authenticity of a person`s identity and signature, while a person cannot claim ownership of that property in the absence of registration of a contract for the sale of real estate. Consequently, the authentic instrument cannot replace the registration of a contract. Both the authentic instrument and the registration are important in the performance of a contract. 1. Certification has no legal value, but you should understand that these notaries and registrars are working on the theory of mutual benefit. A sales contract can be registered directly in the sub-registrar`s office without being notarized. 2. If the deed of sale is not performed by the seller after the contract of sale has been signed by him, the buyer may bring an action against him for a given performance in order to obtain instructions from the court to the seller to register the deed of sale. 1) The notarized sales contract is mandatory between the parties 1.

a real estate builder friend wants some money for his real estate business. 2. There will be a stamp paper agreement for the same. (3) Within the limit of the money to be loaned, the entrepreneur pays monthly interest and a mortgage mentioned in the agreement. .

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