Wto Agreement On Agriculture Philippines

ON THIS PAGE: > I. The problem concerned > II. Local and external actors and their role > The establishment of the TF-WAR > The formation of the TF-WAR > III base group. Challenges and results > A. The negotiation process on trade in agricultural products > b. The TF-WAR process > IV. Lessons for others (stakeholders` views) > Institutionalised stakeholder participation is ensured > A more informed, balanced and credible negotiating position is adopted > A transparent process provides equal access and a neutral place for stakeholders > The engagement of all stakeholders ensures the credibility of the position > Tf-WAR gives stability to negotiation efforts > Wider dissemination of information m L e > > TF-WAR Core Group ensures responsiveness and timeliness of feedback > Technical experience complementing Geneva`s know-how is > the quality of trade policy is improved > weaknesses > V. Conclusion The Philippine manufacturing sector is becoming increasingly diversified and its exports are now crucial for economic performance. These exports have been driven by electronics, which has grown by about 44% per year since the last Review. Exports, which are the subject of bilateral agreements under the WTO Agreement on Textiles and Clothing, accounted for about four-fifths of Philippines apparel exports in 1996.

(a) market access – the full and faithful implementation of commitments in areas such as industrial tariffs, agriculture, textiles, clothing and services; The TF-WAR Core Group was formed to enhance technical and political work in support of the TF-WAR and to allow for a rapid response to the evolving negotiations, which are expected to intensify during the talks. The Chair recalled that the process. recognized the cumbersomeness of the plenum/general assembly system. TF-WAR members who had a good knowledge of a key sector and some technical competence were invited to join the core group as a permanent representative on a voluntary but committed basis. .

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