Quel Adjective Agreement

What more a name can be replaced by the pronoun of the interrogation (“what,” “which”). But in French, we don`t have that option. The French equivalent, which, should be used if you choose between two or more nouns. Like all French adjectives, what in terms of sex and number must match the name it changes. Scroll down to see our table with all the shapes of What. The interrogative adjectives THAT / QUE / QUELLES must correspond to the following name in number (singular or plural) and in sex (male or female). These dubious adjectives can be used in questions that can be created either by (a) intonation (diffion of the ascending voice), (b) is (or is it) or (c) inversion. When asking a question with a verb that needs a preposition, the preposition precedes which. What does “the” or “what” mean and works as an adjective that corresponds to the next name. Learn more about how to use what and what source. The female singular version of what is sourced. Now you have the source of energy.

Use what more the Conjugated Being to ask: “What is …?” or “What is …?” For example: Preposition – what `Nomen` – yes/no Question with does He like which sports? What sport does he love? (What sports does he like?) To say “what?” is the pronoun of the interrogation. In this example, you need the past to be in the third person: a summer. Add it between the source and the incident. And vile! What is a French adjective that means what or what. Like most adjectives, it has four forms: singular male (what) and plural (what) and feminine singular (source) and plural (source). The following examples show the four forms in action: In the format what `noun` yes/no question, which replaces the article that would normally be preceded by the name. What women are you talking about? What women are you talking about (formally)? (What women are you talking about?) It is a watchword that works like an adjective and corresponds to the next no bite. Here`s an example in English: To the question what dress will you wear tonight?, the name is related to what is related to the dress.

And in What`s the best restaurant here?, what`s related to the non-a-restaurant. For these two questions, use what in French, such as: Adapt the right tension to which version and nomen and add it between the two words.

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