Oracle Hcm Cloud Service Level Agreement

CherryRoad will do everything in its power to achieve the targeted response times and targeted efforts outlined below. Risk management is a big topic in itself and within this blog we will not cover the countless dimensions, but only take the risk in the concept of protection of services. Your risk and compliance team can help you with your internal policies, but for you, understanding the business requirements of cloud services in general helps you limit the types of availability requirements you need. 2.3 Incident Management CherryRoad offers 24×7 support to our cloud customers. All incidents and service requests must be accompanied by a ServiceNow ticket generated by the CherryRoad Help Desk. CherryRoad`s support service is the single point of contact for authorized users of the customer for incidents that involve events that cause or may cause service interruption or restriction. Businesses demand more than just the availability of their cloud infrastructure. Critical workloads also require consistent performance and the ability to manage, monitor and modify resources that are run in the cloud at any time. Only Oracle offers end-to-end SLAs for performance, availability and service management. As a company, High Availability is at the heart of OIC`s architecture and to better understand Availability`s domain architecture, we will cover this service and another availability service, the name fault Domains (FD). 1.5. “Recovery Time Goal” (RTO) is defined as the maximum period during which a service rendered must be restored after a major incident. Recovery time is determined by the time that elapsed between the declaration of a disaster and the re-establishment of the service provided.

1.2. “excused downtime” (i) maintenance time of up to eight (8) hours per month; and (ii) at any time, if the subscription service is not available due to circumstances not controlled by CherryRoad, including a force majeure incident, a general performance outage or problem, infrastructure failure or customer connectivity (including direct connectivity and VPN (Virtual Private Network) connectivity to the subscription service , computer outages and delays and network delays or service attacks or other criminal attacks.

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