Music Composition License Agreement

Music license agreements are used to create a contract with one party for the use of previously created master songs or recordings belonging to others. These music licensing agreements are used for the use of songs or recordings in audiovisual works, including film, television, video recordings and video games, as well as non-audiovisual works such as theatrical productions and radio advertising. For the use of the recording and for the song, separate music license agreements are required. To learn more about the rights related to the licensing of songs and recordings in an audiovisual work, visit our blog. 11. DEFENSIBILITY. The sub-granted license is personal to the licensee and may not be assigned by an act of the licensee or by law, unless it is related to a transfer for the bulk of all the licensee`s assets or with the agreement of the music publisher. CONSIDERING that the Parties have entered into an agreement under which the Licensee may use the composition in connection with the Website and wishes to reduce itself to the letter of the terms of this Agreement. having its registered office at 3110 Main St, Building C, Santa Monica, 90405, CA, USA (“Vampr”), (sometimes individually referred to as “party” and together referred to as “the parties”) has been concluded and completed. 15. INTEGRATION. This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding of the Parties and revokes and supersedes all prior agreements between the Parties and is intended as the final expression of their agreement.

It may only be signed in writing by the parties and amended or supplemented with express reference to this Agreement. This agreement takes precedence over all other documents that may be in contradiction. The music licensor owns and/or represents musical works presented to Vampr through its proprietary filing system and seeks representation by Vampr to seek licenses under the agreed terms in this area. NOW, that is why, and taking into account the reciprocal promises and agreements contained therein and which want to be legally bound, the parties agree for themselves, their heirs, successors, personal representatives and addressees of the assignment as follows: 1. . . .

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