Indonesia Keluar Dari Paris Agreement

Nevertheless, Espinosa has ensured that the United States remains a member of the UNFCCC. It guarantees that its authority is ready to help the United States if it wants to join the Global Compact for the Environment. Earlier, Wahana Lingkungan Lingkungan Indonesia (Walhi) had assessed the statement of the Minister for Maritime Affairs, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, who said that the Indonesian government had threatened to withdraw from the Paris agreement was not appropriate. Green energy Another option that can be taken, Luhut says, is to get out of the Paris agreement. The option of leaving the Paris Agreement, why not? America can, Brazil can do it. Why can`t we? This carbon producer is now Indonesia, Brazil and Colombia the most wooded. Colombia also has a large forest. Minister for Maritime Affairs Coordinator Luhut Binsar Panjaitan said the government was preparing three options to combat EU discrimination against domestic palm products. On the basis of legal action, which lodges a complaint with the International Trade Organization (WTO), threatens to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. Like the word, Tungkot supports the Prime Minister`s statement, which threatens to withdraw from the Paris agreement. “If Indonesia is just a victim of the Paris agreement, yes, we are coming out as Brazil and the United States is doing it. From the beginning, Indonesia has not been obliged to join the Paris Agreement because our emissions are still low,” said the executive director of the Palm Oil Agribusiness Strategic Policy Institute (PASPI), Tungkot Sipayung, if the European Union does not change its still negative and discriminatory view of Indonesian palm oil, the entire Indonesian palm oil community supports the government`s threat to get out of the agreement.

This is Indonesia`s response to the discriminatory policy of the European Union (EU), which considers palm oil products as unsustainable and high-risk plant raw materials or indirect land use changes (ILUC) and which was adopted in the delegated act of Directive II on renewable energy. “The main objective of this joint mission is to express its disappointment and to fight the delegated law adopted by the European Commission on 13 March 2019,” Darmin said in his official statement on Monday (8/4). “The withdrawal of the United States will leave a huge hole in efforts to achieve the goals and ideals of the Paris Agreement,” Patricia Espinosa, executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), said on Thursday, as cited by Reuters on 5.11.2020. Thus, before Indonesia joins the company of Brazil and the United States, it is important that Indonesia take the time to fully study the effects of the exit from the monumental agreement. Disputes over palm oil can be resolved through peaceful negotiations and diplomatic talks, but environmental damage cannot be resolved so easily. KONTAN.CO. ID- JAKARTA. The Dpr and the Indonesian palm oil community are backing the government`s threat to withdraw from the Paris agreement. The threat was expressed by Maritime Affairs Minister Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan after the European Commission`s decision to withdraw palm oil as a source of biofuels by 2023.

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