Georgia Month To Month Lease Agreement Template

Step 12 – The “Keys and Addendums” section defines what has been made available to the tenant, which relates directly to his or her daily life. If the key has been given to a tenant, check the first box, enter in the area provided the number of keys and the purpose of each key (key to check the email, key to open the front door). If a set of rules has been given to the customer, activate the second checkbox and if a customer has received a copy of a pet contract, activate the third field in that section. There will be a fourth field next to the word “other.” This is reserved for all documents that have been given to the tenant that have not been mentioned previously (note: this field must be verified and the document must be described in the space provided for it to be part of the rental agreement). Minimum termination (No. 44-7-7) – The landlord must give sixty (60) days of termination of the lease, while the tenant must provide only thirty (30). Step 2 – In point 1, enter the monthly rent amount, the calendar day of the month when the rent is due, then the day of the month and the year the lease ends. Landlords can terminate a monthly tenancy agreement by terminating the tenant for at least sixty (60) days. Tenants can cancel a monthly rent by terminating the landlord for at least thirty (30) days as planned.

(One of the best features of a monthly rental agreement in the State of Georgia is that it serves as a reliable long-term lease, which also allows flexibility for both the landlord and tenant. Unlike a typical lease, there is no pre-defined period which, in many cases, is six months or one year. Instead, in the case of a month-to-month contract, only a letter of lease from one of the parties is required to terminate the lease. Step 7 – In “Parking,” define the location or identification number of the parking lot granted to a tenant who rents this property. If there is an additional monthly fee, it must be entered in the empty second line (in brackets).

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