Bible Verse About Two In Agreement

20 For where two or three are gathered in my name, or “in my name.” I am in their midst, so full of sublime encouragement to Christian union in action and prayer – first observes the bond in which it finds itself. Our Lord had spoken of ecclesial assemblies before which the obstinate perversity of a brother was to be brought to the final instance and whose decision had to be final – it is the honour that the Lord of the Church has established at his legitimate assemblies. But it is not these assemblies that he has only on the face and honour. For even two who unite to bring him anything will discover that they are not alone, because my Father is with them, says Jesus. Then observe the bounty placed here on union in prayer. Since this cannot exist with less than two, so that he drops it as low as that number, he gives the greatest possible encouragement to unification in this exercise. But what kind of union? It is not an arrangement to pray only in concert, but to pray for something in particular. “So moving all they will ask for,” said our Lord, “all that they will ask together. At the same time, it is clear that he had certain things in his eye at that time, such as the most appropriate and needy subjects for such a concerted prayer. The Twelve had been “on their way” because of the wretched question of primacy in the kingdom of their Master, and this, by sizing their damage, had given their ascent – or at least the danger of ascension – to “crimes” for their souls. The Lord himself had spoken to them about how we deal with each other in these kinds of cases. “But now he`s showing them a great way.” Leave them all these things – yes, anything that might affect either their own loving relationship with each other, or the good of his kingdom in general – with their Father in heaven, and all that could affect either their own loving relationship with each other or the well-being of his kingdom in general; and if they agree only to ask him to do so, it will happen to his Father, who is in heaven. But beyond that, it is not only the union in prayer for the same thing – for it is perhaps with very confused conceptions of what to wish for – but it is the symphonic prayer, the prayer of spirits, members of a family, servants of a Lord, hampered by the same love, fighting under a banner, by assurances of the same victory; a living and loving union, whose voice in the divine ear is like the sound of much water.

As a result, they are doing what they ask for “on earth,” jesus says, “from my Father, who is in heaven.” It is not for nothing that he says “OF MY FATHER” – not “YOUR FATHER”; “Because where two or three are gathered for my name” – the “My” is emphatic, “I am in the midst of them.” As his name would prove to be a spell to gather many of his dear disciples, if there were only two or three, he would attract himself among them; And as related as he is, as much to the parties, to the begs as to the bitents – the one on earth by the tie of his supposed flesh and to the other in heaven by the tie of his eternal spirit – their symphonic prayers on earth would come out of him in heaven, would be carried by him to the holiest of all and thus reach the throne. So he will be the living conductor of prayer up and answering down. Do not worry about anything, but in all, through prayer and entreaties through thanksgiving, let your entreaties to God know. Forgiveness and unforgivable` Jesus said to him: I do not say to them: Up to seven times; But up to seventy times seven. –MATT. xviii. 22. The disciples had argued over supremacy in the kingdom, which they thought would be present.

They had dared to return their selfish and ambitious quarrel to the dignity of arbiter of Christ. He replied, telling them the qualifications of the “greatest in the kingdom,” that they should be humble as young children; they are supposed to be placed; that they must use all means… Alexander Maclaren – Exhibition to the Scriptures Once again, I tell you that if two of you agree on the earth, that they touch something they will ask for, it will be made for them from my father, who is in Heauen.- King James worm

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