Bau Agreement

In order to offer our clients an increased ability to trade a number of derivatives and securities financing documents, including French and German master`s contracts. At the 1947 Paris Peace Conference, Greece declared that the border between Turkey and Italy had been established in the Dodecanese Islands and Meis Islands region, in accordance with the agreements of 4 January 1932 and 28 December 1932, and requested that this be mentioned in the draft agreement. Egypt and Greece say Turkey`s agreement to limit maritime jurisdictions signed with Libya is a violation of international law. In June (2020), Greece signed a meb agreement with Italy, which shared sovereign rights in the Ionian Sea. The Erasmus programme allows students to complete part of the construction studies at a European Union university with an Erasmus agreement and has two fundamental characteristics: financial aid proportional to the length of stay at university (if they meet the requirements of the programme) and subsequent recognition of their studies at the destination university (if the apprenticeship contract is adopted by the BAU academic office). Retired Turkish Navy Rear Admiral Cihat Yaycé has become the head of the Maritime and Global Strategy Centre. Yayca has attracted attention with his strategy to increase Turkey`s dominance at sea, He is the architect of the agreement on the exclusive economic zone with Libya. Minister Shoukry said the agreement would allow both countries, particularly oil and gas reserves, to maximize the resources available in the exclusive economic zone. Greek Foreign Minister Dendias said the agreement was “within the framework of international law.” BAU, Design College offers its students a bachelor`s degree in design, a degree in design and a degree in graphic design the opportunity to apply for a student mobility scholarship for academic purposes under Erasmus (European Union) and exchange programs with universities around the world. During the review of the Paris peace accords, Greece demanded that the agreement of 4 January 1932 and 28 December 1932 refer to the creation of the borders of the Dodecanese Islands which, with the agreement, would yield to Greece. The application was rejected by the conference, although it was accepted by the Legal Committee and the Subcommittee of Maritime Experts. Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias and his Egyptian counterpart Sameh Shoukry, who live in Cairo, met in Cairo. In a joint press release, the ministers announced that Greece and Egypt have signed an agreement on the exclusive economic zone (Monhasér Ekonomik Boelge/MEB).

“The agreement to limit the so-called maritime jurisdictions, which are announced to be signed, does not exist for Turkey” statement came from Turkey. Turkey`s unanswered attempts are evidence of a negative attitude towards the document of 28 December 1932 and Turkey`s lack of agreement on the document as an international agreement and have regarded the document as a technical process. The Centre for Maritime and Global Strategy of the Bahehir University (Bahéehir -niversitesi Denizcilik ve Global Strateji Merkezi/ BAUDEGS) has also been declared in sentoso.

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