Auburn Roommate Agreement

Whether you are old friends or new, entering into a roommate or suitemate contract is the first step to starting a successful relationship. Students are expected to sign up for the roommate or suitemate contract at the beginning of the fall semester or whenever you live with a new person. Learning how to create problems with your roommates is now a great practice for living with others. Having a roommate is essential to the university experience. Even if you think you will never have a roommate again in the future, experience with residents will give you the advantage of having important conflict and trade-off skills that will be beneficial in your personal and professional life after university. Roommates help share the costs of items like cleaning equipment, food and large items (televisions or refrigerators) and can save you money. Having a roommate forces you to become more social. You can make a life friend, or you can make friends with your roommate. It`s also a great opportunity for you to connect. The roommate means you have access to all his connections. Living with a roommate means you have a buddy to go out with. Watching a movie, attending events on campus or going to a ball game is more fun when you have a friend you can do it with — and who better than the person who lives with you? Applicants may choose as their roommates any student who has applied before January 31, 2019. After January 31, 2019, students who wish to change or update their roommate preference will need to send an email to AU Housing.

Students who wish to choose each other as roommates must be the two candidates in the second round. If you have any further questions, please contact our office at (334) 844-4580 or email us at Consistent communication is helpful so that you and your roommates can solve problems together. If you don`t share what frustrates you, your roommate may not even know there is a problem! If you approach problems in time, they can`t snow into something bigger. Students can log on to their residential student portal to apply for housing during the housing application period. Students are able to add accommodation preferences and a selection of roommates to their residency application.

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