Wto Agreement On Agriculture Ppt

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Article 6.2 • Investment aid generally available for agriculture • Input subsidies generally available to low-income or low-resource producers • Support for the promotion of diversification through the cultivation of illicit narcotic drugs Development programmes exempted from reduction: • Examples of programmes notified under Article 6(2): • Bangladesh – 2 % subsidy on the planned repayment of the loan • T hailand – progra • Brazil – production credit; investment credit; Debt restructuring 2 Background and need for a separate agreement on agriculture outside GATT, 1947. Agricultural trade important for a large number of countries. Prevalence of distortions. MePs` reluctance to fully integrate agricultural trade into trade in other goods. Circumvention of subsidies – Article 10 • Other forms of export subsidies • Export credits, insurance and guarantees • Development of internationally agreed disciplines • but. Negotiations without results – The OECD Agreement on Officially Supported Export Credits does not cover agriculture • Food aid • Specific criteria, Food Aid Convention, FAO • but. Is it still actual aid or dumping? Tropical products and preferential erosion • Considerable progress made in July 08 Mini-ministers • Much depends on the outcome of the banana agreement • The President wanted to make progress on the last draft modality text, but due to “some substantial changes” after July, the President was unable to amend the draft modality text • Existing text: • Tropical products – mainly with the aim of obtaining greater tariff reductions than after the Phased Formula • Preferential erosion – usually tariff reductions, but a longer implementation time Long-term objective”. Establish a fair and market-oriented agricultural trading system. 6.2 Blue Box Orange Box Green Box Doha Agricultural Negotiations State of Play (TN/AG/W/4/Rev.4) Revised Draft Modalities for Agriculture, 6 December 2008.

Special protection measure – Article 5 4 Countries have used special safeguards (3) to restrict imports of rice during implementation (Japan, Korea, Philippines) and Israel for sheepmeat, whole milk powder and certain cheeses. Chinese Taipei granted special treatment to rice in its first year of accession, in 2002. .



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