Shareholding Agreement Template South Africa

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8.5. Each shareholder undertakes to jointly guarantee the obligations of the company towards third parties, to the extent necessary to enable the company to carry out its operations from time to time, and to free itself proportionately from its respective holdings in the company. 11.2. Any communication or communication necessary or authorized under this Agreement is valid and effective only if it is in writing, but it is entitled to notify it by fax or e-mail. A company`s shareholders` agreement can be rewritten at any time, but it is usually implemented when the relationship between shareholders and directors changes This document is only used for information purposes and to illustrate the diversity of written agreements. Agreement Sample assumes no responsibility for the content of this document, nor for any acts or omissions arising therefrom. It should not be used or used for any purpose, does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement, and does not replace professional legal advice. Reading this document does not imply any professional relationship or is not otherwise established. You should always seek the advice of your lawyer. 11.1.

The parties choose domicilia citandi and executandi for all purposes within the framework of this Agreement, whether with regard to legal proceedings, communications or other documents or communications of any kind, the following addresses: We offer a number of agreements for shareholders. This one is based on our standard version, which has been adapted to strengthen the control of a single member. 1.1. The titles of the clauses of this Agreement are for clarity and reference only and shall not be used to interpret the terms of this Agreement or any provision of this Agreement. Using a proposal for shareholder agreements is a dangerous thing. The Contractzone Shareholder agreement is prepared by our experienced team that supports you. As a Contractzone, we offer our customers much more than just a template for shareholder agreements. The shareholders` agreement is an important document and must cover all the important bases. Using a proposal for shareholder agreements is dangerous. The Contractzone Shareholder Agreement is drawn up by a team of experienced lawyers.

If you need something in particular that is included in your shareholders` agreement, our team is at your disposal. 12.7. The provisions of this clause constitute an irrevocable consent of the parties to any of the procedures provided for thereof and neither party has the right to claim that it is not bound by it and that it is severable from the rest of this agreement and that it remains fully effective, notwithstanding denunciation. Termination, invalidation or purported invalidation of this Agreement for any reason. 13.3. Global Agreement. This Agreement constitutes and replaces the entire Agreement between the Parties and brings together all prior negotiations, arrangements and arrangements, whether oral or written, concerning their subject matter. This agreement expressly provides that the rights and obligations set out apply in addition to all the rights and obligations set out in the articles of association of the company and in the Companies Act 1973. Disputes between shareholders and other stakeholders are costly and can be inconvenient and detrimental to day-to-day operations. . . .



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