Listed Building Heritage Partnership Agreement

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You may:[3] (ii) taking into account any restrictions, prohibitions or obligations accepted by another party. Agreements that issue a classified building permit are referred to in the regulations as classified partnership agreements and are governed by the Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas (Heritage Partnership Agreements) Regulations 2014. Formal consultation is necessary before concluding such an agreement. The proposed agreement must be published by a contract notice, on the Authority`s website and by the service of known owners. [5] The local planning authority is empowered to conclude the agreement in a form modified by the form consulted. [8] Amendments must be agreed with the other parties and must not be significant enough to prejudice the interests of others or the public interest. (i) for or for the costs of the work provided for in the Agreement; or Heritage Partnership Agreements (HPAs) are non-legal agreements that formalize the understanding of the importance of cultural heritage assets and identify in particular those aspects of listed buildings that are of no interest. On 6 April 2014, the Business and Regulatory Reform Act (ERR) 2013 introduced a number of amendments to the Planning (Listed Building and Conservation Areas) Act 1990, including the introduction of the Listed Building Heritage Partnership Agreements. . . .



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