University Of Melbourne Staff Agreement

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On Friday, casual workers at the art faculty, proudly employed by unions, asserted their power to work with a university branch that has for too long treated it as a “soft cost” and excluded it professionally. We therefore rejected the university`s “final” offer of backpay, which would have had only once again short-circuited occasional payments by paying only one third of what was owed for six years of unpaid wages. We wanted pay equity, wages that are no longer stolen. 9.5. The head of the budget department of the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences may provide an unscheduled clinical consultation from level B to level D university staff employed at the veterinary hospital. This clinical consultation charge is not supernumerary and is not included in the calculations for annual leave and/or long leave pay at the end and is shown in Table 5 of Schedule C – Loadings. 3.4. Supervisory authorities of the Delegate Authority level 1 or higher may, under their supervision, grant increases to officers and pass them on to the officer at least four weeks before the due date. At the University of Melbourne, management is questioning the change to the company agreement for employees this week.

This change would reduce wages by 2.2% – one weekly allowance per year – and reduce severance pay. The union opposes this variant and asserts that management cannot be trusted and that “if the university is so serious about job salvage, why are there no enforceable provisions for the job economy in its proposed variant?” These are exactly the arguments that NTEU Fightback activists have put forward all the time. 14.11. The accidental makeup pay ends when the hiring of a university employee ends due to one of the following circumstances: “We are not yet in a position to confirm how many people will affect this… and we`re working on divisional plans. This work will inform the university-wide change plan. For the same reasons, we are not in a position to confirm the number of opportunities and delays that will be affected,” the university said. Students support employees against budget cuts – let`s join them! The University of Melbourne Student Union has called for an online rally against VC Duncan Maskell`s plans to cut hundreds of employees and against the continued theft of casual workers` wages. We ask all members and supporters of the University of Melbourne NTEU to join us at the rally on Tuesday 14 October 12/6, from 2pm to 3pm. In order to request flexible compensation options, staff must check the flexible guidelines for pay packaging, complete the appropriate form and make it available to the compensation and performance team.



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