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When running a business, the owner must be aware of any business risk to the business so that it can be reduced and minimized. To understand risk, companies need to be aware of all the business conditions in the contracts in which the company enters. These vary for each contract they sign, but it is important to understand all the conditions in the treaties. In this guide to signing a consulting contract, we look at the key points that companies need to consider before entering into contracts. How can I start working on a particular project with GCE? Send us an email or call us with your requirements, summary and quote request. One of our staff will clarify and confirm your request and send you the details of the cooperation and advice agreement. Fees based solely on results. There is no advance fee. The customer pays a fee to GCE Global or only sells if there is a successful agreement/transaction and a pricing agreement signed between GCE and the customer. Fees are usually between 0.5% – 3% of the total transaction or transaction amount. If someone wants to work with us as an affiliate, they undergo a personalized C.V. screening process, interviews with company executives and benchmark reviews to achieve affiliate status.

They can then use top-notch consulting tools to further improve their delivery quality and services. We also choose the optimal candidate for our company through our own quality recruitment processes. The first step requires long-standing friends and collaborators and partners to join us as affiliates. We are committed to investing effectively in professional development and ongoing training. The expert in this piece is James May of Lawspeed. Many clients work for GCE Global for free each year, offering them good investment opportunities that meet their criteria. If customers choose to take an opportunity offered by GCE, a fee is paid at the close. Will GCE be my employer? No, you can join another network, you can work under your own name and sell your services under your own steam, but if we discover that you use or divide the GCE brand in your proposals, but you do not advise us on a possible conclusion, we will probably withdraw you from the partnership – collaboration. Does GCE have solid technical knowledge or only consultants with process skills? Yes, our partners and collaborators include ex-CEO, CFOs, CROs, CIOS, Chairman and all kinds of skilled trades, including real estate investors, convenience traders, private lenders, suppliers, lawyers, leadership coaches and many others.

If you have questions that we haven`t addressed, please email us: partners@gceglobal.com What about my existing customers? Simply list all the client teams from which you have generated work in the last 12 months, and we will exclude them (even if you use our brand). What happens if one of my clients calls GCE directly? If a customer calls us on your list of exceptions, we will indicate their position on your list and ask if they should call you directly. If they decide to continue our process, we will inform you and implement our normal process and load it accordingly. I sell enough of my own work and network, what can I expect from GCE? Affiliates and collaborators working with GCE tell us that they like three things: the quality survey conducted by clients at the end of the project is also used to refine our business model and help us continue to provide the best possible services.



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