Collective Agreement Between The Nunavut Employees Union

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An agreement for the employee to identify a staff person trained in domestic violence and data protection issues, and for the employer to name the employee. GN union members can learn about the collective bargaining process through this link. The problem became evident “almost immediately” when the GN ended March with restrictions on travel to and from the region, said Bill Fennell, president of the Nunavut Workers` Union, which represents 4,800 government employees. “It is clear that these are the first days of the negotiations and that we still have to deal with many difficult issues. But we can all hope that the positive tone of this first meeting will continue at the next meetings,” the union said. In this 2016 agreement, GN employees obtained wage increases of 2%, 1%, 1% and 2% each year from a four-year contract, with retroactive effect until October 2014. These were the concerns of a very small, vocifuel and privileged group, who, for mostly personal reasons, had to leave Nunavut. Most of GN`s employees stayed and had a good summer in Nunavut. . It is not a good view of the union that represents me and my colleagues.

That`s why some unions have a bad name… It is not so much about the rights of workers as it is about the comfort of the loudest bozos in the organizations that can get the union to fight for them. Smarten bis NEU. An agreement to ensure that information about workers who are victims of domestic violence is treated confidentially and kept away from their personal records, unless the employee agrees. Collective agreement between the Nunavut Workers` Union and the Minister responsible for the Public Service Act (expiring September 30, 2018) Both parties signed their last wage benefit contract at the end of 2016, more than two years after the previous contract expired in 2014. A collective agreement has been reached between the Northern Workers Union (UNW) and the Government of the Northwest Territories. This agreement enters into force from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2021. Why can`t I work from the Hub? I worked from home for two months.

Do you explain this HR? . The HR Ministry wants its arbitrary control. This forces people not to take a vacation. . How does it make sense for new employees to be paid to isolate, but I have to take time off? . The only people who force him in the GN are high-ranking bureaucrats with shacks and sea jets who can move away from the otherwise lowered quality of life that comes with life in Nunavut. . Is that justified? Workers who, contrary to the Charter, are forced to isolate themselves in a turnstile should not be forced to “pay” them effectively by taking advantage of their leave. . The rest of the “no” are just private tremors that have no holiday benefits or inhabitants who have never gone south anyway and have gone to their family homes and hunting grounds.

. Good job again. In fact, they seem to be doing something. That we were better than nothing, my boy got medivac on the 10th, I work at the Issatik coop and was never paid, none of that. Nunavut co-ops need a number of benefits that their employees, not just nurseries, use properly, and perhaps more people who would like to work for them. Just say. So nice to see, NEW come to support ALL the members you represent. Last time, I checked that you represent other employees in addition to GN staff. These workers are forced by their employers to take the same leave, but I don`t see any of them mentioned in this article! But in October, on the first day of mediation, that offer fell by more than half to $16,537,494.

The proposed wage increases are also less, the union said. The union met with various ministers and government officials to explain the workers` frustration over the past few months. Not to mention the fact that you only get extra days off if you stay in the area. I worked on the shutdown and I didn`t miss a day while



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