Chiller Maintenance Agreement

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The proposed exclusions may be: non-moving parts, microprocessor panels and wiring, pipes, housings, cabinet hinges, cabinet fittings, housings, connectors, electrical cables and cables, starters and CRS, frame supports, wireworks, sheet metal works, including shock absorbers and balancing devices, tower, water, steam and exhaust pipes, boiler tanks and pipes, coolers and cooling tubes , cucumber flares, fire and heat exchangers, coil valves, flow switches, glycol, etc., or consequent damage caused by the failure of these uncovered objects. Your refrigeration mechanic will follow your shutdown procedure and report all necessary work during the decommissioning period to have your cooler ready for the next start. Major Air covers, in addition to absorbers and centrifuges, other aircraft with the same coverage (inspection and maintenance or complete). This is a supplement for the annual maintenance. This test is carried out with a well-known D.C.voltage applied to the main windings of the engine. Ohms measurements between each winding and between each winding and each floor are recorded for a certain period of time. The trend over a period of years shows the deterioration of the coil insulation, so that an engine can be rewinded during a planned shutdown, instead of an unplanned shutdown. In 1983, Major Air entered into an all-inclusive agreement. This agreement covered any problems that may arise with a radiator or building equipment.

The price was high, but it was a quality deal. Customers and other contractors have decided for a period of time that they could reduce the costs of this type of agreement by inserting exclusions into the contract. Today, the treaty is called a comprehensive treaty. Costs vary depending on exclusions. At Major Air, we exclude sudden and accidental outages that are very costly. Major Air recommends that each customer cover their mechanical equipment with insurance. Most problems are leaks, control problems, sensor exchange, etc. Exclusions keep costs low, but nevertheless cover many of the average additional costs for operating a radiator. Carrier Commercial Service offers preventative maintenance contracts for all brands of roofs, radiators, boilers, compressors, air handling, cooling towers, pumps, variable speed drives, controls and accessories. Technical systems of all types require planned maintenance to ensure excellence.

Each month, the radiator mechanic associated with your radiator checks the operation of your radiator. Your mandated refrigeration mechanic must make all the necessary adjustments to make your cooler work efficiently and reliably. Your cooling engineer will disconnect your cooler and alert your employees to problems that require the attention of your employees. Each month, your mandated mechanic will use an infrared hand detector to display all hotspots in your cooling engine starter or on engine terminals. During the August inspection, your refrigeration mechanic must remove an oil sample for an analysis of the wear metals. The results of the oil analysis will be communicated to you during the decommissioning phase. The mechanical rinse unit of an absorber is rinsed and the oil is changed each month.



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