Wisconsin Inter County Agreement

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The courts consider that it is in the best interests of the child to involve both parents. If a party`s ability to the parents is called into question, the court will ensure that the safety of the children is preserved. Among the issues that the court considers problematic, the courts still believe that shared custody is in the best interests of the child. The term Custody refers to the capacity for legal decision-making, the Wisconsin statutes explicitly state that custody must be given, except in exturing circumstances justifying another agreement. It is difficult to convince a court not to grant shared custody. Placement refers to the physical placement of the child. Here, too, the courts consider that it is in the best interests of the child to have as much access as possible to each parent, but issues such as school and working time have an influence on how placement is implemented. The Wisconsin statutes expressly state that court officials cannot consider gender in assessing potential directors. In most custody and placement cases, an education plan is required because it describes the child`s location, the days or nights spent with each parent, holidays, birthdays, work schedules, school hours and child care needs. You must file an education project in Wisconsin within 60 days after the court has waived mediation, or the Ombudsman warns the court that no agreement has been reached.

If you do not submit your education plan in time, you most likely lose the right to challenge the parent`s parenting plan. Click here to download a model proposed by Wisconsin for a parent plan. After an objection, the court will order mediation. If no agreement is reached during mediation, an ad litem guardian will be appointed to the case and there will be a hearing to determine what is in the best interests of the children. The Tribunal`s decision will prioritize a child`s safety and well-being over all other factors. Patterns of abuse, whether between foreigners or foreigners, or serious abuse, are of the utmost importance in determining child custody and periods of physical accommodation. In addition, the court cannot consider active military service as a factor in determining the legal custody of a child. The court order is made after an agreement between the two parents or after a trial. The Tender Years Doctrine is a generally outdated legal principle, which stipulated that the mother of a child should always have custody of the child. But over the years, judicial systems have increasingly shifted away from this principle and are focusing instead on the best interests of the child. In most cases, it is surprising that the best interests of the child are a life in which both parents are involved.

As a result, laws are beginning to be developed to impose common education on child care cases. Because Wisconsin is a state that uses the “Best Interests of the Child” standard to determine custody of children, it leaves custody to the belief systems of judges. In today`s world, judges generally tend to believe that there are more benefits for the child if both parents are involved on a constant and constant basis.



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