What Happens If A Reaffirmation Agreement Is Denied

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Here is the version of non-Attorney, what is a confirmation agreement and how they work. Once the court has approved the confirmation agreement, the personal responsibility of the spinner for the auto loan survives the introduction of the discharge. If all the remaining payments for the loan are fully paid, it is essentially as if the bankruptcy had never occurred. If the person is unable to make the payments as they mature, the bank can take back the car and, as the debts have not been paid, take legal action against the outstanding balance. Some judges are hesitant to rule on a confirmation agreement in one way or another. They have developed different strategies to manage them, and they usually take the time to explain what they are doing during the hearing. One way or another, if the confirmation agreement is not approved, your personal responsibility will be discharged. And – just as if the court refuses to confirm – most lenders will keep everything the same as long as you pay on time and keep the vehicle insured. This agreement will be submitted to the court by your creditor and the judge will decide whether to approve or reject the agreement.

If we stay on our most recent topic in the blog posts, we will decide to act this week on the confirmation agreements. Debtors who file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Arizona and owe money for their home or car are almost assured that they will walk on one or more of them. Leaving the houses for another day, here is a brief overview of the vehicle confirmation agreements. Confirmation agreements must be approved by the Court of Justice or the agreement is invalid. Agreements signed by a lawyer indicate that the debtor is represented in the negotiation of the agreement. These agreements do not need to be heard by the courts for approval. If a lawyer does not sign the agreement, the court must hold a hearing to consider approving an agreement with an unrepresented debtor. One of the direct effects of the reform law is to increase the number of these confirmation hearings, to the consternation of judges and debtors. A confirmation of the debt is simply the debtor`s payment agreement, even if he could settle the debt through bankruptcy.

In many cases, a loan is confirmed for the family`s home or car. From time to time, the bankruptcy court or lender will not confirm the credit, even if you have kept the payments up to date. In these cases, you must consider why the court or lender refused to confirm it. Maybe it`s in your best interest. That`s where the confirmation thing gets tricky. In New Jersey, there is no passage for auto loans, that is, if you do not submit the confirmation agreement, the creditor could theoretically take the car. This does not mean that a deposited confirmation agreement must be “approved” to keep the car. Tip: Your honor, debtors presents a confirmation agreement that has been signed by all parties, and prays that this honourable court will deny confirmation in its entirety. In a way, the best of both worlds is that the court refuses to approve your confirmation agreement: you can keep the car – as long as you pay – but you are protected in case of a problem. Bankruptcy erases your obligation to pay for the lender, but does not remove the right to take back the property or vehicle.

His name remains on the title, but also the right to pledge. If you continue to pay on time for insurance, homes and taxes, many mortgage lenders will not be reimbursed. The same is not true for car lenders. Some of the lenders who only provide auto loans insist on confirmation or they take back the vehicle.



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