Snowmobile Rental Agreement

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All snowmobile operators MUST have a valid driver`s license. To rent a snowmobile, you must be 19 years of age or older. Drivers under the age of 19 must be accompanied at all times by a parent or legal guardian. Snowmobiles are powerful and expensive machines. Safe riding and staying in your riding ability are very important. Although Village Rentals has liability insurance, the tenant is responsible for all damage to the snowmobile during the rental period. Ask for optional insurance to cover snowmobile damage. On the day of the lease, a $500 security deposit will be guaranteed by your credit card or money. A credit card deposit is a pre-authorization and is not available to the cardholder for a period determined by your credit card issuer. We do not have the authority to amend this directive, that is what your card issuer is establishing, there is nothing we can do to change it.

LESSEE undertakes not to use or allow snowmobile/snow bike/snowy rental bike: RISK OF LOSS OR DAMAGE: The tenant takes care of all risks of loss or damage to the snowmobile/snow bike and equipment for any cause and agrees to make the snowmobile/bike (s) in the condition it has received from the owner, except the normal wear. The tenant agrees to return this snowmobile or snow bike at the end of the rental period in the condition it is in, except in the test card mentioned above. If a snowy bike is damaged or lost, the owner has the option of requiring the tenant to restore it to perfect condition or replace it in good condition with a similar snowmobile/snow bike. A full helmet, trail map and safety and driving orientation are included in your rental. We do not insert winter clothing or rent them for snowmobiles. You have to dress with winter and wind, like skiing. Our clothing section is on the second floor above our showroom. We have a full range of snowmobile clothing to buy at competitive prices. LESSEE certifies that it understands the rules and rules applicable to the safe operation of snowmobiles/snowwheels. In addition, the tenant certifies that he is in good health, that he has no physical defects that can be dangerous to himself or to someone else, and that he is able to drive this snowmobile/snow bike safely. In addition, the tenant certifies that he is NOT under the influence of alcohol or drugs (legal or otherwise) and that this remains for the duration of the lease.

All sleds must be delivered in a truck, trailer or trailer from our shop. We rent trailers if you don`t have one and we also offer delivery services only for machines (not people). You drive your own vehicle to the Trailhead location. Check out our rental page for more information It is agreed and understood by tenants that the landlord cannot be held responsible for damage, inconvenience or time wasted due to an accident, breakdown or malfunction of the snowmobile rental/snow bike. Liability and responsibility: the tenant undertakes to: bind himself, his heirs, his personal representatives and his beneficiaries of the assignment and the beneficiaries of the assignment, their owners, collaborators, agents and beneficiaries of all claims, losses, costs, expenses, expenses, judgments and legal fees that tenants or heirs, personal representatives or beneficiaries of the transfer have or can claim against the tenant, his owners, employees.



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