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Latency zone. Verizon`s U.S. Latency Service Level Standard provides for transfers of 45 milliseconds or less between interregional transit-backbone routers (“Hub Routers”) in the U.S. S adjacent. Verizon`s Transatlantic Latency Service Level Standard for transfers of an average round-trip of 90 milliseconds between a Verizon Hub router in the New York metropolitan area and a Verizon Hub router in the London metropolitan area. Latency is calculated on average as sample measurements taken between routers during a calendar month. The network performance statistics on the U.S. latency guarantee and the transatlantic latency guarantee are published at: Remedy for latency.

If Verizon does not meet the latency service level standard in a calendar month, the customer`s account will be automatically credited for that month. The credit corresponds to the proportional one-day monthly recurring verizon fee for dedicated internet service for which the service level standard has not been met. Credits are not issued if non-compliance with U.S. latency level standards or the Transatlantic Latency Service Standard is due to force majeure reasons (see below if this is not defined in the current service agreement). Verizon Business` SLA “Customer Edge to Customer Edge” option is available at no additional cost to U.S.-based private IP (Internet Protocol Protocol) companies, with the service expected to serve other private IP customers by the end of the year. The Edge-SLA customer covers network facilities that Verizon Business leases to other telecommunications operators to gain access to business customers within the last mile. “If it comes from our private IP network, we lose some degree of control, but we are still able to be behind the entire ALS from start to finish,” Marcellin said. “We give the customer the best of both worlds.” Verizon Communications` division has expanded its Service Level (SLA) options so that customers can access their SLAs on the last kilometre of their network connection, even in cases where Verizon does not have these pipes. MOS zone. Mean Opinion Score is a measure (score) of audio fidelity or the clarity of a voice call. This is a statistical measure that predicts how the average user would perceive the clarity of each call.

Verizon Internet Dedicated MOS Service Level Standard expects Verizon`s MOS power on the U.S. continental network to be no less than 4.0 between the interregional transit-back cogs (“Hub Routers”) in the neighboring U.S. Mos is calculated according to the standard E model (ITU-T G.107).



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