Reimbursable Agreement Definition

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In addition, the Federal Salary Provisions (Davis-Bacon or Service Contract Act) apply to any contract that is developed and awarded under this refundable agreement if all or part of the funding is funded with savament funds. Davis Bacon rates of pay apply to all public contracts for work over $2,000 and the salary provisions of the Service Contract Act apply to service contracts over $2,500. (a) eligible costs are calculated according to the cost principles set out in the second part CFR 200.400 to 200.475, which apply to the co-operator and sub-co-shareholder responsible for costs; (b) the co-operator or subcontractor is reimbursed for the costs incurred in the execution of the purposes of this agreement, which are determined by the Grants Management Officer as reasonable, to be charged and according to the terms of this refundable agreement and the principles applicable to the costs applicable to the date of that agreement, which may be reimbursed. The Cooperator or sub-co-operator may receive a copy of the applicable grants Management Officer`s applicable cost principles. The following are the succinct definitions of what may be considered appropriate, unthinkable and permissible; However, it is the responsibility of the co-operator or subcontractor to ensure that the costs incurred are consistent with federal cost principles. c) Before injecting questionable or one-time fees, the co-shareholder receives a written decision from the Grants Management Officer to decide whether the fees are eligible. (d) Funds made available under this agreement, which can be repaid, are not earned or retained by the participant or a subcontractor under this refundable agreement. However, the funds can be used to pay subcontractors profits or royalties under this refundable agreement. (e) Failure to meet indirect cost rate requirements may result in significant overpayments or underpayments. (f) The co-operator or sub-shareholder must inform the FAS, through the Grants Management Officer, of any adjustments to the applicable indirect cost rate. The co-operator of the refundable agreement undertakes to comply, if necessary, with the following provisions.

The full text of references to the Federal Regulations Code (CFR) is corrosive to eCFR – Code of Federal Regulations. Is eligible for shares or expenses, or both, for which you have agreed to compensate or repay another party on an agreed date. In most cases, an authorized payment reimburses another party`s costs, provided the costs are consistent with certain guidelines and restrictions. This is the case with an employee`s travel expenses or a cost-plus agreement with a contractor. Staff or contractors bear the upfront costs, request for reimbursement and the budgetary authority reimburses the costs. (a) the cooperator is invited to obtain the latest travel advisories from the U.S. Department of State prior to the trip. These notices are available to the general public and can be obtained directly from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or via the Internet. If security is a problem in a given region, cooperation partners can notify the U.S. Embassy of their presence when they enter the country. This can be particularly important for long-term deployment.

(b) where safety issues affect the co-operator`s ability to meet deadlines and/or to essentially achieve the objectives and objectives set out in this refundable agreement, the operator must immediately contact FAS.



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