Reciprocal Agreement With Australia

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To see if you are qualified for a Medicare visit, New Zealand has mutual health agreements with Australia and the United Kingdom (Uk). At any time, some services may be funded by public funds for those covered by the agreements. These services can be funded to the same extent as for a national of the country they are visiting or staying temporarily. Travellers from certain countries may be covered by a mutual health agreement with Australia if they have a tourist visa or work visa. The agreement on mutual health care means that they can claim benefits to cover the costs of immediate necessary medical care in the public health system. Please note that this information is correct at the time of writing, but may change. You can check the current status of any mutual health agreement for which you are allowed to check here on the Australian government website. To register with Medicare, visitors to the Netherlands need a valid Dutch passport, either their European health insurance card with the initials NL or proof of insurance valid under the Dutch health insurance system. You are treated as if you were in the country in question. In general, these agreements apply to British nationals living in the United Kingdom. If you are not a British national, you can still be insured for an inexpensive or free treatment if you normally live in the UK. This is why Australian international visitors must purchase health insurance prior to their arrival, unless their country has a mutual health agreement with Australia. Both travel insurance and the health protection of foreign visitors (OVHC) can contribute to the cost of medical care in Australia.

Finns are covered by the reciprocal agreement for the duration of their stay in Australia until their visa expires. If you plan to live or work in one of the countries of mutual agreement, the information contained in the links below may not apply. The Australian government has RHCA with the governments of the United Kingdom, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Malta, Italy, Belgium, the Republic of Ireland and New Zealand. The new RHCA can be negotiated at any time. If you`re looking for overseas Student Health Cover, you can compare policy options here with our interactive tool. Here is an overview of countries that currently have mutual agreement and rights: copies of mutual health agreements adopted in New Zealand legislation are linked below: an Australian citizen or permanent resident who has been in New Zealand for two years or more or can prove that he or she has a reasonable intention to stay in New Zealand for two years or more. , is authorized for all publicly funded services and can register with a PHO and receive the same health grants as a full person. Italians need a valid Italian passport and a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) valid with the initials IT, either an Italian health insurance card or a legal declaration. They are covered by Medicare for a period of 6 months from the date of arrival in Australia or until the expiry of their visa, CEA or Italian health insurance card, depending on the previous date. More information about mutual agreement on public health can be found on this site or by email [email protected]. You can also call Medicare directly on 0061 2 9895 3333.



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