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I would tell you that you should avoid ghost writers who are unnecessarily passionate about your idea, but I am known to be overinterested myself when a client proposes a project that really jazzs me up. My advice? Ask for a telephone conversation so that you can more easily evaluate the ghost writer`s opinions. The fact is that ghostwriting has become one of those “popular careers” that lack a solid ethical standard and often attract people who simply want a simple solution to their professional problems. I`ve known a lot of ghost writers whose ambition far exceeds their talent, so people looking for ghost writers need to know how to protect themselves. The following example comes from a confidentiality agreement created to be used in an author that demonstrates proprietary software. If you are considering hiring a ghost writer, it is best that you get the thin straight from the horse`s mouth. Unfortunately, if you`re a ghost writer, I`m about to see your dirty laundry for everyone. Most publishers really want to help an author, but there are dishonest people in every sector and you have the right to take the safe approach by signing the agreement. Thank you very much for the guidance in this article. I`m looking for a professional Christian writer, looking for a new project, and I had no idea where to start. This article gave me a huge amount of information about what I need to pay attention to – the advice on contract, copyright and payment contracts was extremely helpful! Thank you very much. First, your ghost writer should get a confidentiality agreement (NDA) from anyone to whom your working relationship is revealed.

This means that potential customers of your ghost writer agree not to share inside information with others. The thing is that most ghost writers choose this career because they can`t be published themselves. Right away. If they manage to praise a ghost writer whose prose is impeccable, whose evolution of the action shines, one is indeed very lucky. A ghost writer who violates confidentiality without your knowledge is not a professional. This example agreement is simple and contains nothing outside the exact scope of the work. This is most often in ghost writing companies that call themselves “companies” or “companies”. A ghost writer who works alone probably does all the writing, but if you go with a larger organization, there is no statement about who writes his manuscript. If you hire a ghost writer, make sure you want to see the contract before you make some kind of deal. If you`re inexperienced with contracts, it might be a good idea to let your lawyer watch them. Thousands of small claims and civil lawsuits are filed each year because of contract disputes, and you don`t want to be in a compromising situation. Like everyone else, ghost writers have their own commitments, prejudices and alliances.

This means that the recommendations your ghost writer offers regarding your manuscript might be in their best interest, but not in yours. Or maybe they could be colored by his point of view. A ghost writer is not a publisher, publisher, literary agent or book distributor, although some of them are likely to have skills in this area. It is best to divide the production of your manuscript; Ask a professional for writing, one for sales, one for marketing, and so on. It might be worth finding a publisher who agrees to sign your confidentiality agreement. Your ghost writer should be honest when expressing feelings about your manuscript idea, especially if the subject is controversial. The problem is that you cannot always say whether the feelings expressed are real. The publishing world considers confidentiality agreements similar to those of venture capitalists: most of them will not approve the signing of the agreement and many will probably be eliminated if they are even asked to sign one.

The reality is that you get what you pay for.



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