Neighbour Agreement

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All tenants of the Southside Housing Association sign a good neighbours contract in which you declare your responsibility as a neighbour and show how we will work together to ensure that your neighbourhood is and remains a clean, safe and safe environment. The agreement on good neighbours is concluded between us and our inhabitants and was written with the aim of promoting the cohesion of the Community and preventing anti-social behaviour. This agreement contains clear expectations, rights and rights for all residents and completes the terms of your lease. It does not replace or overcome the rights and obligations of your individual rentals. This agreement will remain in effect as long as you reside in your home and applies to all subsequent tenants and all rights holders. If you violate any of the following conditions, you will be informed that you have breached the agreement and your lease conditions and lease may be compromised. Our location recognizes that the Good Neighbours Agreement will help solve social problems, reduce their impact on the immediate neighbourhood and facilitate initiatives that improve the safety and viability of 900 block Pandora Avenue. The Good Neighbour Group is made up of residents represented by the North Park and Downtown Residents Associations, as well as the City of Victoria and the Victoria Police Department. This group also includes representatives from St Andrew`s School, the Victoria Conservatory of Music, our friends at Central Baptist, St. John the Divine and First Metropolitan Church.

Many residents and representatives of the Ministry of Housing and Social Development are participating and supporting the agreement. The Good Neighbours Agreement is an obligation for the neighbours of the 900 block of Pandora Avenue to communicate with each other, to allay fears, to show respect for the street community and to take agreed action. We meet monthly in our Place Society to discuss existing and new neighbourhood issues by allowing each representative to express their opinion. Our Place Society is one of many agencies dealing with poverty-related issues in greater Victoria.



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