Joint Research And Development Agreement Sample

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7.1 This agreement constitutes the entire cooperation agreement between the parties and replaces any prior written or oral agreement. In addition, there is nothing in this agreement to prevent a party from carrying out similar or related work under other existing or future agreements, and this work is not included in the scope of this agreement. 7.6 This agreement should not be construed as an agreement between the parties on future trade relations. In principle, a research and development contract can be terminated by termination. However, if the other party has a particular interest in pursuing the R D or could expect lasting cooperation in this regard, the denunciation must be based on a serious interest or unforeseen circumstances within the meaning of Section 6:258 (1) of the Dutch Civil Code. Adequacy and fairness requirements can lead to a reasonable notice period. In addition, a temporary research and development agreement should be distinguished from an indeterminate research and development agreement and, in circumstances of adequacy and fairness, compensation may also be paid in the event of termination of a research and development agreement. In order to develop and terminate a research and development agreement, you should therefore take this into account and preferably consult a legal expert. 3.2 JHU/APL will provide the company with approximately $4 million ($4.075 million) from the Mann Research and Development Fund within 30 days of receiving the Funds from the Human Fund, as outlined in the SOW. JHU/APL will use Mann Fund funds to conduct research, as indicated in the SOW, as part of JHU/APL`s non-profit research, development and education objectives.

If JHU/APL does not receive funding within three (3) months of the implementation of this agreement, all rights and obligations of both parties will be terminated. 3.1 JHU/APL commitments under this agreement and SOW (Annex A) are subject to the availability and disbursement of the Resources of the Men`s Fund. JHU/APL legal responsibility for payments can only arise when human funds are made available by JHU/APL. At Blatter Legal, we work differently from traditional lawyers and lawyers. We advise you with practical solutions and we understand business relationships. Would you like to help you write a research and development contract? Or do you have any disputes or a violation of your research and development agreement? Our legal experts are at your disposal.



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