Exclusive Management Agency Agreement Residential

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5 EXCLUSIVE GESTION of the lease 12. With regard to each rental agreement, the agent is authorized and ordered on behalf of the client: i order the inspection and show potential tenants Yes No ii References yes No iii a Selected Tenants; Or Yes No b Recommended Tenant Yes No iv In and Signing of leases relating to all or part of premises Yes No v Collect Location Yes No vi Delivery Of tenant receipts under the rental agreement Yes No vii Collection and deposit of ten bonds in accordance with the provisions of the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 Yes No viii Claims to repay bond money, taking into account the rent due and the condition of the premises at the end of each tenancy agreement Yes No ix React to all tenant applications in the Consumer, Commercial and Tenant Court (CTTT) or others and represent the client in such a procedure Yes No x Exercise of the right of the client to apply the tenancy contracts through fixed-term communications in the future , or cancel fixed-term notifications Yes XI Perform periodic inspections at the officer`s discretion. Yes No xiii If necessary, you will receive copies of a declaration of law or management concerning a community position or system that must be made available to the tenant Yes No. 13. For each rental contract, the agent and each of its partners, collaborators or other executives are allowed from time to time and, on behalf of the client, to file an application with the CTTT or the same and to take all necessary measures to initiate a procedure and conclude (as far as possible) for: i The recovery of the possession of the premises from the tenants Yes No ii The recovery of the money due Yes Yes S.5A: rent. The premises were exempted from rent control by registration of rents 5A or by vacancy on January 1, 1986 yes No Inventories (Furnished Premises) 15. When the premises are installed, an inventory is drawn up by the main inspection or the delegated inspection 16. Unless the client advises otherwise, any potential tenant has the right to inspect the premises in the following circumstances: repairs and maintenance.17 The agent is authorized to hire qualified or licensed professionals for repairs and maintenance in accordance with the obligations of repair and maintenance of the adjudicating entity (if any) or other instructions, provided that expenses for more than one object are not made without the prior consent of the contracting entity, unless the agent believes that repairs resulting from an emergency are necessary to protect the premises or provide essential services to tenants. Withdrawals from Principal s Monies 18.

The plenipotentiary is authorized and responsible for paying on funds received on behalf of the client: i Repair and maintenance accounts in accordance with Article 17 Yes No ii Of the Council (see attached calendar) Yes No iii Water, Sanitation and drainage rates (see schedule attached) Yes No iv Insurance premiums (see attached calendar) Yes No v Owner Corporate Taxes (see attached schedule) Yes No vi Maintenance/cleaning/gardening costs Yes No VII Maintenance contracts for installed services (elevators, etc.) Yes No viii Application Fee CTTT Yes Nix Execution Letter Yes No x Sheriffs Fees Yes No PAGE 3 on 6 4 The agent is entitled to the following fees: (including GST) i Leasing fee, whether or not the premises are leased to the agent; Any other agent or the rector.



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