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In addition to your CLJ, you must include separate terms of use to address all other aspects of your legal relationship with your users and ensure that both documents are prominently displayed with Clickwrap`s agreement methods. Terms of use are usually not displayed when your user opens the app for the first time, but there`s no reason why you can`t set them up this way if you want to. 5. Use allowed. You agree not to use or encourage the mobile app or subscription service accessible through the Mobile app in a way that could affect the use of the mobile app or subscription service by others. Your use of the subscription service and mobile app is subject to the Authorized Use Directive (the current version is available at www.smartsheet.com/legal/acceptable-use-policy). They also agree not to violate the usage restrictions or controls defined as: (a) the terms of use of the App Store for iOS users who access the Mobile app on an Apple product, or (b) Google Play usage conditions for Android users who access the Mobile app on an Android product. Since the ECJ agreement grants a licence for the use of the application, it should also include a clause allowing the use of this right of use in certain circumstances. These agreements are similar in many ways, but have significant legal and substantive differences that you should consider when setting up your mobile app. 12. Others. This contract, along with all written instructions for the application provided by RustyBrick, constitute the entirety of the agreement between you and RustyBrick with respect to the application and replace any prior or simultaneous oral or written communications, suggestions and assurances regarding the application or any other matter covered by this Agreement. To the extent that the terms of RustyBrick`s directives or programs conflict with the terms of this agreement, the terms of this agreement are monitored.

If a provision of this Agreement is found to be null, invalid, unenforceable or illegal, the arbitrator amends that provision so that it is as close as it is to RustyBrick`s, and all other provisions of this Agreement remain fully in force and effective. RustyBrick`s failure to require you to enforce a provision of this Agreement does not affect RustyBrick`s right to enforce such provisions, nor is RustyBrick`s waiver of a violation of that provision considered to be a waiver of a further violation of that provision, nor is it a waiver of a new violation of that provision. If your mobile app is essentially a mobile access point for a SaaS product you`re creating (z.B. Dropbox), don`t use a CLA, but terms of use. You don`t want your software to be mistakenly authorized by your users when they log in to the service. Here is a detailed example of a detailed section of the Vimeo EULA agreement: While it is customary to place the EULA agreement at the beginning of the process of installing or downloading mobile applications, this legal agreement should also be easily accessible to a user after the application is downloaded and installed, as is the case, as is the case, such as general terms or privacy policy agreements should always be available in a mobile application.



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