Child Custody Agreement Without Divorce

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My Issueok I am 14 years old and my parents separated as when I was 3 or 4 years old, and I want to know more, I lived with my mother and they never divorced and I was asked how my father was going to have a child for me and I can go see my fathers and my mother can do nothing There In the absence of a written document that prohibits such a move – this is not a kidnapping , unless the motivation to move with the children is to circumvent the jurisdiction of the North Carolina courts. Remember that in a separation agreement, you have the power to define the custody regime that is best for your child, but if a judge has to rule on the custody agreement, you lose your decision-making power. Many couples do not understand that a child is vulnerable to unpredictable life and discontinuity disorders without written consent or court decision. Such a possible disruption even means that either parents are completely free to move from an existing residence county or leave the state of North Carolina with the children, unless the sole purpose of the exit was to circumvent the jurisdiction of our courts. This response only implies general divorce assistance for men, because I can only practice in Oklahoma, so I cannot provide legal advice on child custody laws in other states. It is important to note, however, that in many countries, especially for infants, preference is given to the mother when it comes to physical custody. Despite the many benefits for parents who, because of the highly controversial issues of child custody, must accept a custody agreement for custodial parents, it may be impossible to reach an out-of-court settlement. But there is help. Mediators and lawyers can help by explaining what a judge will likely do if the case is tried, which can inspire an inflexible parent to become flexible. When a judge issues a custody warrant, he will consider many factors and make a decision that serves the best interests of the child (or children), regardless of what is best for the parents.

While child custody and home visits are most common in divorce, divorcing parents are not the only ones involved in child custody. Child care disputes can arise between single parents; Grandparents may try to enforce their access with their grandchildren; and, in rare cases, relatives or others in a close relationship with a child may seek custody.



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